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The latest disarmament joke circulating on the Russian internet:


The latest disarmament joke circulating on the Russian internet:

Justin Lifflander


Putin and Obama agreed on a new strategic disarmament treaty. Both sides eliminated all of their ICBMs.

A week after this amazing act which secured world peace was complete, Obama calls Putin in the Kremlin:

“Hey, Vova, it turns out I’ve got 7 missiles left. So now Russia will become a vassal of the United States!”

While Putin scratches his noggin and contemplates the situation, the Minister of Defense, unaware of the latest development, charges into his office: “Vladimir Vladimirovich! We have a problem…It seems that at a base outside Saratov one drunken lieutenant forgot to hand over the missiles. We have 40 SS-25’s left! What to do?”

Putin says, “Well, first of all, he’s no longer a lieutenant, he's a general. And second of all, when Russia drinks, she is unconquerable!”


BTW: the motto of the Strategic Rocket Forces of the Russian Federation is most pragmatic: “After us…silence.”