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Justin Lifflander

Better than any on-line course or dusty text book!

Less boring than leafing through old copies of Pravda!

Reveals more about the origins of today’s geopolitical crisis than watching the POTUS on the putting green!

The Russian-language edition of How not to become a spy is now on sale.

Could there be a better holiday present than an autographed copy of Как не стать шпионом (Kak ne stat shpionom)?

If you combine it with the English-language version that you’ve already purchased, you can compare the texts, enjoy the nuances of the translation and seek hidden meanings.

Even if you don’t read Russian, Как не стать шпионом (Kak ne stat shpionom) has other household uses:

--It makes a great paperweight (400 grams!)

--You can study the Cyrillic alphabet, then mouth the words and impress your friends, even if you have no idea what you’re saying — your friends won’t know!

J_ Lifflander per new.jpg

--The book contains tourist maps of Tchaikovsky’s home town of Votkinsk and the former inspection facility at the secret missile factory deep in the woods. Very handy for your next visit to Udmurtia.

--Place the book upright in front of your cat’s food bowl. Let him look at the cover and perhaps it will stimulate him to be more ambitious in life…or at least more reliable.

You can have a personally inscribed hardcover edition of Как не стать шпионом (Kak ne stat shpionom) for only $5.99 (Euros 5.40), plus shipping and handling.

Fill in the order form below and click “submit.” Maria, our sales manager, will provide you with information on delivery costs, logistics and how to pay.

Act right now! You never know when another treaty between the United States and Russia might be signed!



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